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DPhil Student - Submission of your thesis

Your DPhil thesis is due to be submitted by the end of your 4th year (12th term) with the deadline being Friday of week 0 of your 13th term.

Forms and notes relating to submission of theses When you and your supervisor are agreed that your thesis is within one term (and the vacation which follows) of completion, you should complete the GSO.3 form, which can be found online in the ‘My Student Record’ section of Student Self-Service. The online form has sections which should be completed by your supervisor, and by your College. You should try to submit this form at least 4-6 weeks before you plan to submit.

When the Exam Schools receive the GSO3 they formally invite the examiners to act and your thesis will not be sent to the examiners until a response has been received.

Once you have submitted the Graduate Studies Administrator will follow up with the examiners and keep you informed about the viva date. After your viva there are a number of options, the most common being minor corrections. Once the examiners are satisfied they submit their report which has to be approved by the DGS and Division and then is sent to the Exam Schools who will sent you official notification of the result.

You will be required to submit a digital copy of their thesis via the Research Thesis Digital Submission (RTDS) for your examination instead of two soft-bound copies. Examiners will no longer receive print copies of any submissions (however there is facility to request a soft bound copy through the RTDS system if they wish). Further information can be found on the Research Examinations webpage.

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