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DPhil in Computer Science

Department of Computer Science Statement of Research Training Strategy

The DPhil in Computer Science is an advanced research degree, awarded for significant (new) contribution to the existing body of knowledge in the field of computer science. You will work with world-class experts in their field and progress to become an independent researcher.

This professional training supports you in developing advanced specialist skills and knowledge, and broader transferable career skills. Together, all of these elements of the DPhil provide the means for you to develop a set of skills that are of value for a range of careers both within and outside academia which achieve economic, industrial and societal impact.

The Department's strategy for skills development is therefore designed and implemented explicitly to support you in achieving these skills. It aims to support each DPhil student in successfully completing their doctorate and transitioning into their career through a range of measures including:

  • All students attend an induction week covering key aspects of practice and procedures relating to research integrity in the department, division and University. They also meet regularly with their research groups.
  • An initial assessment of training needs, made jointly between the student and supervisor providing the opportunity to tailor your training programme by selecting from the wide range of training provision available that covers research, academic and transferable career skills. Training is available from within the department and from other sources within the university.
  • Ensuring that supervisors are supported and well-equipped to support your progress.
  • Use of the Graduate Supervision Reporting (GSR) for timely reporting and recording information about training with additional support from the Graduate Studies Administrator to facilitate skills training needs identified by the student.
  • Timely and appropriate career advice, mentoring and support for the development of individual career plans and mentoring. Provided by specific events organised jointly with the department, careers office and your supervisor.
  • Clearly defined milestones to enable you to manage your progress effectively supported by annual talks to each cohort on how to meet these milestones.
  • First year research students are able to attend any MSc option including 'Computers in Society' which gives training in the principles of the legal and social issues associated with the use of computers in organisations and computer crime.
  • An annual conference is organised by students enabling them to develop relevant skills and experience in preparation for a wide range of opportunities within and outside academia.

Students should be committed to keeping these skills current throughout their careers, and will have developed the tools to enable them to do so.