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The Oxford RobotGames IV

Friday April 25th 2014. 9:30 — 4:00pm.

Design and build a robot, then pitch it against the Oxford University machines at the Oxford RobotGames.

Oxford University's Computer Science Department is delighted to welcome school teams of Year 9 and 10 pupils and their teacher/parent to the OxfordRobot Games. This one-day events will involve:

There will be a small prize for the winning team.

The science behind the RobotGames is based around cutting-edge research being carried out at Oxford: two very important (and closely-linked) areas of application are robotic exploration and robotic search-and-rescue. Robotic exploration involves exploration of locations that are hazardous or inaccessible to humans (such as mine fields, contaminated zones, other planets, or underwater environments). Robotic search and rescue is useful since robots may be deployed in dangerous environments without putting human responders at risk.

The academic team at the Department of Computer Science are particularly involved in developing techniques to help a team of robots efficiently map an environment and report on their findings. Many of the same kind of challenges they face — getting robots to balance, remain stable, sense objects — will be explored by teams during the RobotGames.

Booking for this event is essential.


This event is open to Year 9 and 10 academically able students, in non-selective state schools with little history of student progression to Oxford. We will be using a very similar selection criteria as the Oxford Pathways Programme, which works with specifically targeted state schools across the UK. On the whole these are schools without sixth forms, or schools with little, if any, history of sending students to Oxford. If you would like to check whether your school is eligible please contact us on Regrettably, schools who have already taken part in a previous Oxford RobotGames will not be able to take part in this event.

Students with a flair for Maths will particularly benefit from the day. One team per school, with exactly five pupils per team. Each team must be accompanied by a teacher, or by a parent (who is the sixth member of the team).

When and where

Friday April 25th 2014. 9:30 — 4:00pm. Department of Computer Science, Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3QD. Use the No. 7 Keble Rd entrance.

How does my school apply?

Please fill out an application form here:
Applications will close on 14th March. Schools will be notified if they have been successful by March 20th 2014. We will be using a very similar selection criteria as the Oxford Pathways Programme, which works with specifically targeted state schools across the UK. On the whole these are schools without sixth forms, or schools with little, if any, history of sending students to Oxford.
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Do participants need to have studied IT/computer science before coming to the day?

No previous knowledge of the subject is expected. The day is designed to raise awareness of what Computer Science is and its practical applications. Computer Science is a very mathematical subject, so students with a flair for Maths or sciences will benefit most from the day.

How much does the taster day cost?

This event is free. Teams will need to organize their own transport to Oxford (see below) and bring their own packed lunches. Hot and cold drinks will be available free of charge.

How many staff members should attend?

One team per school; with teams made up of five students. Plus one teacher or parent per team. The school staff member or a parent need to remain responsible for the group during the day. You also need to fulfil your school's own policies about trips.

One of my students particularly wants to apply to Oxford. Should I bring them along?

Yes, they'd be more than welcome. As are your talented students who are less sure of what they want to do. However, please be aware that the day doesn't include sessions on the admissions process, the courses we offer etc. To find out more about studying at Oxford students should come along to one of our open days.

How do I get to the venue? Is there any parking?

The Department of Computer Science is on the corner of Keble Road and Parks Road in the St Giles area of Oxford — maps and directions can be found here. We strongly recommended that you use public transport if at all possible. If you do travel by car or minibus, please note that parking in the city centre is very limited. There are several Park & Ride bus services that run from car parks on the outskirts of Oxford.

Advice on parking high-sided vehicles (such as minibuses) is available on the Council's website.

Is accommodation available?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide accommodation. If you cannot get to Oxford in one day you may like to consult Oxford Rooms or book accommodation at one of the city's Youth Hostels.

Do I need to bring any special equipment?

No, just a pen and paper, and your packed lunch. Comfortable clothes & shoes are recommended as we will take a walking tour of one of the colleges.

I've got a question — who do I talk to?

Please contact:

Please note the organisers reserve the right to change programme without notification or to make alterations to the advertised details for the day at short notice.

In film and print

Photos of previous Oxford RobotGames events are on our flickr site. The RobotGames has received press coverage including in the Oxford Mail and The Birmingham Press

Video of the first Oxford RobotGames event