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Quantum Group

We study structural and foundational aspects of computer science and physics, and the  connections  between them, with applications in quantum information and computation, as well as in computational linguistics, computational logic and semantics. Here are listed some of our current major activities, along with some of the main people involved:


Click here to access the extensive Oxford Quantum Talk Archive, our video archive of research talks; enquiries can be sent to Destiny Chen. You can also view our group calendar.

Joining the group

If you'd like more information about joining the group, as a postdoctoral researcher or as a DPhil student, please contact a faculty member listed below. We have supported postdoctoral fellowship applications for strong applicants. The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the Royal Society have annual postdoctoral fellowship competitions, some of which are open to non-British nationals. The department also awards DPhil scholarships each year to the strongest EU (DTA) and overseas (Clarendon) applicants.

If you're already doing a Masters degree in Oxford and might be interested in doing your project with a member of our group, please get in touch as soon as possible with one of the group members listed above.

If you're an undergraduate and would like to learn more about the sorts of things we work on, have a look at the MSc in Mathematics and the Foundations of Computer Science.

Mailing lists

We run an international quantum foundations mailing list. To subscribe, send a blank email to We also have a separate list to announce local events related to our group's activities; to subscribe, send a blank email to


Members of the group are pleased to receive funding from the following sources:




  • A Unified Model of Compositional and Distributional Semantics: Theory and Application (Oct 2012-Sept 2015)
  • Quantum Mathematics and Computation (Oct 2012 – Dec 2015)
  • National Network of Quantum Technologies Hubs (Oct 2014-Sept 2019)
  • Categorical unification: where foundational physics, natural language and rational processes meet (Oct 2012-Jun 2015)


  • Topological Game Semantics for Cyber Security (Apr 2013-Mar 2017)
  • Algorithmic and Logical Aspects when Composing Meanings (Jun 2014-May 2017)
  • Automating quantum circuit transformations for optimisation and fault-tolerance (Sept 2019-)


  • Quantum Technologies (Oct 2012-Dec 2016)

Head of Activity



Giulio Chiribella
(CIFAR-Azrieli Global Scholar)




Past Members

Andrei Akhvlediani
John-Mark Allen
Philip Atzemoglou
Alexandru Baltag
(University of Amsterdam)
Krzysztof Bar
Jacob Biamonte
(ISI Foundation)
Ed Blakey
(University of Bristol)
Rick Blute
(University of Ottawa)
Josef Bolt
Giovanni Carù
Eric Cavalcanti
Carmen Constantin
Oscar Cunningham
Abhishek Dasgupta
Niel de Beaudrap
Nadish de Silva
Andreas Doering
Ross Duncan
(Free University of Brussels)
William Edwards
(Perimeter Institute)
Brendan Fong
Fabrizio Romano Genovese
Dan Ghica
(University of Birmingham)
Edward Grefenstette
Amar Hadzihasanovic
(RIMS, Kyoto University)
Lucien Hardy
(Perimeter Institute)
Vojtech Havlicek
Jules Hedges
Chris Heunen
(University of Edinburgh)
Peter Hines
(University of York)
Matty Hoban
Matthias Hofer
Dominic Horsman
Ben Jackson
Bart Jacobs
Nal Kalchbrenner
Ohad Kammar
Elham Kashefi
(University of Edinburgh)
Alex Kavvos
Kohei Kishida
Alex Lang
Ciaran Lee
Martha Lewis
Leon Loveridge
Fotini Markopoulou
(Perimeter Institute)
Owen Maroney
Keye Martin
(Naval Research Laboratory)
Yoshihiro Maruyama
Alex Merry
Hector Miller-Bakewell
Hugo Nava Kopp
Kang Feng Ng
Ognyan Oreshkov
Prakash Panangaden
(McGill University)
Eric Paquette
Vaia Patta
Karl Paulsson
Dusko Pavlovic
(Royal Holloway)
Simon Perdrix
(University of Grenoble)
Robin Piedeleu
Matthew Pusey
(University of York)
David Quick
Ondrej Rypacek
Sina Salek
Carlo Maria Scandolo
Phil Scott
(University of Ottawa)
John Selby
Marni Sheppeard
Rui Soares Barbosa
Colin Stephen
Sean Tull
Nikos Tzevelekos
(Queen Mary, University of London)
Sander Uijlen
Matthijs Vákár
Dominic Verdon
Nathan Walk
Olivia Waring
Linde Wester
Norihiro Yamada
Vladimir Zamdzhiev
Jonathan Zvesper

Selected Publications

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