Poster Session

  • Ioannis Caragiannis, Aris Filos-Ratsikas, Swaprava Nath and Alexandros Voudouris
    Truthful mechanisms for ownership transfer with expert advice

  • Xiaohui Bei, Guangda Huzhang and Warut Suksompong
    Truthful Fair Division Without Free Disposal

  • Nicolo Cesa-Bianchi, Tommaso Renato Cesari and Claire Monteleoni
    Learning through someone else’s eyes

  • Lee Cohen and Yishay Mansour
    Optimal Algorithm for Bayesian Compatible Exploration

  • Ashutosh Dhar Dwivedi, Rajani Singh and Gautam Srivastava
    Energy consumption in Bitcoin Mining: A Game Theoretic Analysis

  • Anisse Ismaili and Makoto Yokoo
    The Complexity of Sequential Routing Games

  • Sai Ganesh Nagarajan, Sameh Mohamed and Georgios Piliouras
    Three Body Problems in Evolutionary Game Dynamics: Convergence, Periodicity and Limit Cycles

  • Jan-Tino Brethouwer, Jasper de Jong, Alexander Skopalik and Marc Uetz
    Analysis of Equilibria for Generalized Market Sharing Games

  • Simina Branzei and Aris Filos-Ratsikas
    Walrasian Dynamics in Multi-Unit Markets

  • Paul Goldberg and Alexandros Hollender
    End-of-Line: One Source to Rule Them All

  • Ilan Nehama, Taiki Todo and Makoto Yokoo
    Manipulations-resistant facility location mechanisms for ZV-line graphs

  • Nikhil Garg and Ashish Goel
    (Empirical) learning rates of simple rankings voting mechanisms

  • Carme Àlvarez and Arnau Messegué
    Distance Uniform Graphs in the Network Creation Game

  • Ankit Chauhan, Pascal Lenzner and Louise Molitor
    Schelling Segregation with Strategic Agents

  • Lior Shultz, Amos Fiat and Yishay Mansour
    Flow Equilibria via Online Surge Pricing

  • Roberto Cominetti, Valerio Dose and Marco Scarsini
    Optimal traffic conditions in two-link parallel network with polynomial costs

  • Jannik Matuschke, Ulrike Schmidt-Kraepelin and José Verschae
    Maintaining Perfect Matchings at Low Cost

  • Jaroslaw Byrka, Piotr Skowron and Krzysztof Sornat
    Proportional Approval Voting, Harmonic k-median, and Negative Association

  • Jan Bok and Milan Hladík
    Selections in cooperative games under interval uncertainty

  • Elizabeth Baldwin, Paul Goldberg, Paul Klemperer and Edwin Lock
    Solving Strong-Substitutes Product-Mix Auctions

  • Philip Lazos, Matthias Gerstgrasser, Paul Goldberg, Bart De Keijzer and Alexander Skopalik
    Multi-unit Bilateral Trade

  • Emmanouil Pountourakis
    Graduating bits -- Emmanouil Pountourakis

  • Anne-Marie George
    Graduating bits -- Anne-Marie George