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RDFox Tests

Welcome to the RDFox evaluation page. This page is in support of the submission "Handling of owl:sameAs via Rewriting" to AAAI 2015. A full version of the paper can be found here. This page contains downloads for the RDF triple store and datalog reasoning enginge RDFox, the datasets used in our evaluation, and the complete test results of our evaluation.


The experiments were conducted with the following version of, distributed under the following academic licence. The zip file contains libraries and executables which are precompiled for 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.3, kernel version 2.6.32. Additionally, the zip file contains the source code which can be viewed and compiled using the Eclipse IDE. Usage instructions can be found here.

Test Datasets

We conducted our evaluation with the synthetic dataset UOBM, and the real-world datasets DBPedia, Claros, OpenCyc and UniProt. The files for each dataset can be found here and are organised in folders as follows:

  • facts contains html files which redirect to ziped RDF graphs for the dataset (i.e. different ABoxes);
  • dlog contains rulesets derived from the ontologies in format suitable for RDFox; Files with the extension -eq.dlog are those used in the rewriting approach whilst files with +eqr.dlog contain the owl:sameAs axiomatisation at the very end.

Test Results

We have evaluated the scalability of parallel reasoning with RDFox using axiomatised equality and the rewriting approach. We provide the test results for the scalability of RDFox for each test case Claros (pdf, csv), DBPedia (pdf, csv), and OpenCyc (pdf, csv), UniProt (pdf, csv), UOBM (pdf, csv), together with average results (pdf, csv).


Boris Motik, Yavor Nenov, Robert Piro, Ian Horrocks

Key Publications