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RDFox Tests

This page is in support of the submission "RDFox: a Highly-Scalable RDF Store " to ISWC 2015. A full version of the paper can be found here. This page contains downloads for the RDF triple store and datalog reasoning enginge RDFox and the datasets used in our evaluation.


The experiments were conducted with a version of RDFox that was specifically compiled for Solaris 11.1 which we usually do not support. The source code used to compile RDFox can be downloaded under RDFox sources and is distributed under the following academic licence.

Test Datasets

We conducted our evaluation with the synthetic dataset LUBM, as well as the real-world datasets DBPedia, and Claros. The test data for Claros and DBpedia is provided as zip-archives. Each archive contains the appropriate directory structure. LUBM is, due to its size, split into the data files which are available in the LUBM directory and a zip-file, containing datalog program and script file. The zip-files for Claros and DBpedia can be found here and contain the following folders:

  • facts contains html files which redirect to ziped RDF graphs for the dataset (i.e. different ABoxes);
  • dlog contains RDFox Datalaog rulesets derived from the original ontologies.
  • scripts containing the RDFox shell scripts which were used to run the tests.

Preparations for Testing

Compile RDFox from the source code mentioned above. In the case of Claros and DBpedia: Download the respective zip-file and extract into some directory E.g. extracted into TempDir; the following files are thus present

  • TempDir/Claros/
  • TempDir/Claros/facts/
  • TempDir/Claros/dlog/Claros_LE.dlog
  • TempDir/Claros/scripts/startup.rdfox
In the case of LUBM-50K Assume TempDir to be your working directory. Create the following directories
  • TempDir/LUBM/
  • TempDir/LUBM/facts
  • TempDir/LUBM/dlog
  • TempDir/LUBM/scripts
Dowload all files (approx 36GiB) from the LUBM directory into the direcotry TempDir/LUBM/facts/ and extract into TempDir.

Running the Experiment

Run the executable of RDFox on startup.rdfox:
[TempDir]$ pathTo/CppRDFox -shell <absolute path to startup.rdfox>
So arg0 is the RDFox executable, the second is -shell and the third is the ABSOLUTE path to startup.rdfox. If you are in the directory TempDir/Claros/scripts/ then the absolute path to startup.rdfox could be expressed by $PWD/startup.rdfox Do not change the directory structure, as RDFox assumes this directory structure. For testing with different threads, please adjust the line threads 16 in startup.rdfox to the number of threads you wish to run RDFox on.


Boris Motik, Yavor Nenov, Robert Piro, Ian Horrocks

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