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Andrei Akhvlediani

Personal photo - Andrei Akhvlediani

Andrei Akhvlediani

Doctoral Student

Student, Oriel College

Leaving date: 6th October 2012


My general interests are categorical methods in algebra, analysis, quantum computation and topology. My D. Phil project revolves around understanding so-called interacting algebras in a wider categorical setting. The ultimate goal is to develop a framework which allows one to define interacting algebras and study their properties. At the moment I am examining PROs, PROPs and PROBs as such a setting. In particular, I am using Lack's notion of PROP composition to define interaction algebras. 

 Before starting my D. Phil, I wrote a masters thesis on properties of Hausdorff and Gromov distances in the lax-algebraic setting. I am still investigating some open questions in that field. 



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