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Andrew Bate

Personal photo - Andrew Bate

Andrew Bate

Doctoral Student

College Lecturer, St Catherine's College

Leaving date: 4th April 2017


My research interests include knowledge representation and reasoning, ontologies, automated reasoning, the implementation and optimisation of semantic reasoning systems, and applications including the Semantic Web. I am also interested in concurrent programming languages, and in particular the implementation of CSP-based languages.

Please visit my personal website for more information.


I am member of the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning group.

I am the developer of the Sequoia reasoner. For the latest release of Sequoia, please visit the GitHub repository.

I read Computer Science at University College, Oxford and received an MCompSci in Computer Science in 2012. From 2012, I was a research student under the supervision of Professor Ian Horrocks, Professor Bernardo Cuenca Grau and Professor Boris Motik. During my DPhil I was a student at Pembroke College, Oxford, and a Non-Stipendiary College Lecturer in Computer Science at St Catherine's College, Oxford. I completed my DPhil in early 2017.


  • Best Student Paper Prize for my publication Scalable Performance for Scala Message-Passing Concurrency.


My email address is

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