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Atılım Güneş Baydin

Personal photo - Atılım Güneş Baydin

Dr Atılım Güneş Baydin

Departmental Lecturer

Research Member of Common Room, Kellogg College

Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD


For more up-to-date information, visit my personal page.

My work is at the intersection of generative modeling, probabilistic programming, and deep learning, with an interest in applications of machine learning for scientific discovery. I am currently focusing on enabling efficient probabilistic inference in large-scale simulators, implementing code for distributed training and inference at supercomputing scale in collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley Lab. I am also involved in NASA and ESA Frontier Development Lab programs as faculty and member of the AI Technical Committee.


I am a Departmental Lecturer in machine learning at the Department of Computer Science and a Senior Researcher in machine learning at the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford. A member of Torr Vision Group working with Philip H. S. Torr, I am also a Research Member of the Common Room at Kellogg College, a research consultant for Microsoft Research Cambridge, and a member of European Lab for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS).

Before my work in Oxford, I was a postdoc with Barak Pearlmutter at the Brain and Computation Lab, National University of Ireland Maynooth. In Ireland I specialized in automatic differentiation (“autodiff”) and its uses in machine learning. I worked on differentiable functional programming, with a special focus on compositionality, higher-order operations, and nesting of forward and reverse differentiation.

I have a PhD in artificial intelligence from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, where I was supervised by Ramon Lopez de Mantaras and working with him at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA) of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). My research focused on analogical and commonsense reasoning, and I developed a novel graph-based evolutionary algorithm employing semantic networks, influenced by evolutionary epistemology and memetics. I received my bachelor’s degree from Middle East Technical University and a master’s degree from Chalmers University of Technology, where I was working on artificial life and computational physics in the Complex Adaptive Systems programme.

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