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Dan Olteanu

Personal photo - Dan Olteanu

Dan Olteanu

Professor of Computer Science

T: +44 (0)1865 610759

Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD


Completed Projects:


I spend my time understanding hard computational challenges and designing simple and scalable solutions towards these challenges. I published mostly in the areas of database systems, AI, and theoretical computer science. Here is a list of my current research projects:

  • Factorised databases: FDB (data compression; query processing with low complexity); F (distributed & parallel machine learning over databases); F-IVM (incremental maintenance of machine learning models and database queries)
  • Probabilistic databases: SPROUT (probabilistic query processing, lifted inference); MayBMS (probabilistic data models, probabilistic query languages); ENFrame (probabilistic programming); Pigora (probabilistic data integration)
  • Datalog engines: With folks@LogicBlox on their database engine, their meta-engine, and a probabilistic extension of Datalog; with Oxford colleagues on RDFox.

Past projects to which I contributed as student/co-investigator/principal investigator:

  • DIQOPT: Distributed Query Optimisation
  • G-Store: A Storage Manager for Graph Data
  • SKAR-DB: Managing Square-Kilometer-Array Data
  • SPEX: Streamed and Progressive Evaluation of XPath
  • Agora: Living with XML and Relational Data

Current research support: Google; EPSRC (DBOnto, Industrial PhD CASE, VADA); ERC Consolidator Grant (FADAMS); Fondation Wiener Anspach; Microsoft Azure; Ordnance Survey.

Past research support: Amazon Cloud; Cornell; EPSRC (PROQAW, ADEPT); EU FP7 (FOX, HiperDNO); LogicBlox; Oxford (Astor Travel Fund, Lockey Fund).

PhD and postdoc positions available in my group funded by a 5-year ERC consolidator grant! Please contact me if interested.



Since 07/16 Professor of Computer Science, University of Oxford
Since 09/17 Computer Scientist, RelationalAI (consulting part-time)
08/13 - 08/17 Computer Scientist, LogicBlox (consulting part-time)
08/13 - 07/14  Visiting Associate Professor at University of California, Berkeley (On sabbatical leave from Oxford)
02/12  Received Oxford equivalent of North-American tenure
09/07 - 07/16 Associate Professor (previously University Lecturer) with the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford, UK (formerly known as Computing Laboratory)
  Additional roles at Oxford: Fellow and Director of IT, St Cross College
04/07 - 07/07 Temporary Professor (Lehrbeauftragter), Ruprecht Karl University in Heidelberg, Germany
04/05 - 08/07 Postdoctoral Researcher, Saarland University Information Systems Group (Prof. C. Koch) in Saarbruecken, Germany
09/06 - 12/06 Visiting Scientist, Cornell Database Group in Ithaca, NY state, USA
10/00 - 04/05 Research and Teaching Assistant (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter), PhD student in the Programming and Modelling Languages Group (Prof. F. Bry), Institute for Informatics of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany
03/00 - 09/00 Intern Student, Caravel research group of INRIA Rocquencourt, France
08/95 - 08/00 Student in Computer Science (Dipl. Ing.), Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania



Current Students

Past Students

Robert Fink
Bas van Schaik
Jakub Zavodny