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Geraint Jones


These are those of my computing-related publications that happen still to be available on-line. This document is divided very roughly into:

All of these publications are copyright, and in some cases the copyright is not held by me. It is a publisher's requirement to display the following notice:

The documents distributed by this server have been provided by the contributing authors as a means to ensure timely dissemination of scholarly and technical work on a noncommercial basis. Copyright and all rights therein are maintained by the authors or by other copyright holders, notwithstanding that they have offered their works here electronically. It is understood that all persons copying this information will adhere to the terms and constraints invoked by each author's copyright. These works may not be reposted without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.

Papers about Ruby

Ruby is a relational programming language suited for the design of synchronous hardware. A good introduction would be the Lyngby summer-school lecture notes.
A certain loss of identity
Geraint Jones and Mary Sheeran,
presented at the Glasgow Functional Programming Group Workshop, Ayr, Scotland, 6 - 8 July 1992.
published in Functional Programming, Glasgow 1992, eds. John Launchbury and Patrick Sansom, Springer Verlag, Workshops in Computing, 1992.
(revised 18th November 1992)
Designing arithmetic circuits by refinement in Ruby
Geraint Jones and Mary Sheeran,
presented at Mathematics of Program Construction, Oxford, England, 29 June - 3 July 1992.
published in Mathematics of Program Construction, eds. R. S. Bird, C. C. Morgan and J. C. P. Woodcock, Springer Verlag, LNCS 669, 1993.
(revised 15th November 1992)
A later version of this paper, differing essentially only in the addition of entertaining typographical and semantic errors, appears in the journal Science of Computer Programming.
Collecting butterflies
Geraint Jones and Mary Sheeran,
February 1991 (ISBN 0-902928-69-4) This is the text of a PRG monograph PRG-91 containing three papers about butterfly circuits.
  • The study of butterflies (GJ+MS)
  • A fast flutter by the Fourier transform (GJ)
  • Sorts of butterflies (MS)
They are revised from work presented at the IVth Banff Workshop on Higher Order (sic), Banff, Canada, 1990.
Deriving bit-serial circuits in Ruby
Geraint Jones and Mary Sheeran,
presented at VLSI 91, Edinburgh, Scotland, 20-22 August 1991.
published in IFIP Transactions A-1, VLSI 91, eds. Arne Halaas and Peter B. Denyer, North-Holland, 1992.
(revised 21 May 1991)
Getting your wires crossed
Geraint Jones,
presented at the Glasgow Functional Programming Group Workshop, Portree, Skye, Scotland, 12-14 August 1991.
published in Functional Programming, Glasgow 1991, eds. Rogardt Heldal, Carsten Kehler Holst, Philip Wadler, Springer Verlag, Workshops in Computing, 1991.
(dated 14th December 1991)
Circuit design in Ruby
Geraint Jones and Mary Sheeran,
Lecture notes on Ruby from a summer school in Lyngby, Denmark, September 1990.
published in Formal Methods for VLSI Design, ed. J. Staunstrup, North Holland, 1990.
(revised June 1990)
Designing circuits by calculation
Geraint Jones,
lecture notes from a short course given to the MSc in Computation at Oxford, Hilary term 1990.
(revised 9 April 1990)
Relations and refinement in circuit design
Geraint Jones and Mary Sheeran,
presented at 3rd BACS FACS workshop on refinement, Hursley, England, January 1990.
published in 3rd Refinement Workshop, 1990, eds. Carroll Morgan and Jim Woodcock, Springer Workshops in Computing, 1991.
(revised 24th July 1990)
The Ruby stuff is derived from some earlier work on muFP.

Papers about occam

Measuring the busyness of a transputer
Geraint Jones,
from occam user group newsletter no.12, January 1990.
(11 December 1990)
Efficient multiple buffering in occam
Geraint Jones,
from occam user group newsletter no.11, July 1989.
(31 May 1989)
Carefully scheduled selection with ALT
Geraint Jones,
from occam user group newsletter no.10, January 1989.
On guards
Geraint Jones,
presented at the 7th technical meeting of the OUG, Grenoble, 1987.
published in Parallel Programming of Transputer Based Machines, ed. Traian Muntean, IOS, September 1987.
(1 September 1987)
The meaning and implementation of PRI ALT in occam,
Geoff Barrett, Michael Goldsmith, Geraint Jones, Andrew Kay
presented at the 9th technical meeting of the OUG, Southampton, 1988.
published in occam and the Transputer, research and applications (OUG-9), ed. Charlie Askew, IOS, September 1988.
(28 July 1988)

The `Programming in occam' books

Prentice-Hall published a book called Programming in occam, and a similar one called Programming in occam 2 (co-authored by Michael Goldsmith). These are now out of print, but versions are available online.

The following (short) documents list known errors in the published versions of these books.

Errata in Programming in occam 2
lists the known errors (some of which are corrected in the second printing) in the Prentice Hall edition of Programming in occam 2, Geraint Jones and Michael Goldsmith, ISBN 0-13-730334-3, dated 1988.
(revised 9th February 1990)
Errata in Programming in occam
lists the known errors in the Prentice Hall edition of Programming in occam, Geraint Jones, ISBN 0-13-729773-4, dated 1987.
(last revised 12 November 1989)

We are still (vaguely) interested in any new errors you might find, and would welcome comments by electronic mail to us at

Other odd papers

A note about notation

On Representing Polynomials by Matrices
Geraint Jones and Irina Voiculescu.
unpublished note, July 2000.

Strange papers about functional programming

Tabulation for Type Hackers
Geraint Jones.
unpublished note, July 1998.
More haste, less speed: lazy versus eager evaluation
Richard Bird, Geraint Jones and Oege de Moor.
published in Journal of Functional Programming, 7(5),
September 1997 (pp. 541-547)

Papers about deriving functional programs

Program optimisation, naturally
Richard Bird, Jeremy Gibbons and Geraint Jones.
Presented at the Symposium in celebration of the work of Tony Hoare, Oxford, September 1999.
The Under-Appreciated Unfold
Jeremy Gibbons and Geraint Jones.
(Presented at the Third ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming, Baltimore, Maryland, September 1998)
Linear-time breadth-first tree algorithms
An exercise in the arithmetic of folds and zips
Geraint Jones and Jeremy Gibbons.
(unpublished note dated 10th December 1992)
Deriving the fast Fourier algorithm by calculation
Geraint Jones,
presented at the Glasgow Functional Programming Group Workshop, Fraserburgh, Scotland, 21-23 August 1989.
published in Functional programming, Glasgow 1989, eds. Kei Davis and John Hughes, Springer Workshops in Computing, 1990.
(revised 28th February 1990)
The text of the Orwell script in the appendix of this paper is available as a text file (dated 3rd September 1989).

Half-baked notes about deriving programs

The closure of a finite mapping
Geraint Jones.
unpublished note, December 1988.

Historical curiosities, papers about muFP

MuFP was a functional precursor of Ruby, another language for designing synchronous hardware.
Timeless Truths about Sequential Circuits
Geraint Jones and Mary Sheeran,
published in Concurrent Computations: Algorithms, Architectures and Technology, eds. S. K. Tewksbury, B. W. Dickinson, S. C. Schwartz, Plenum Press, New York 1988.
(revised August 1989)
Computer-based tools for regular array design
Wayne Luk, Geraint Jones and Mary Sheeran,
published in Systolic Array Processors, eds. J. McCanny, J. McWhirter and E. Swartzlander. Prentice-Hall International, 1989, pp. 589-598.

A historical curiosity, bits of LispKit software

LispKit was a simple implementation of a functional programming language, based on that in the book Functional Programming -- Application and Implemenation by Peter Henderson (Prentice Hall International, ISBN 0-13-331579-7, 1980) and described in The LispKit Manual, Peter Henderson, Geraint Jones and Simon Jones, PRG Technical Monograph PRG-32, 1983. The texts of the programs needed to implement this system are still available.

An article for a less technical audience

Sharp as a Razor: A Queen's Award for the Computing Laboratory
Geraint Jones,
from the Oxford Magazine, No59. (Fourth Week, Trinity Term, 1990)