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Grace de la Flor

Personal photo - Grace de la Flor
Grace  de la Flor 
Doctoral Student
Student, Linacre College

Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD


Grace de la Flor recently completed her DPhil at the Oxford University Computer Science Department where she conducted cross-disciplinary (computer science & social science) research focusing on developing solutions to support the design of useful and usable computing systems that address the requirements of academic research communities participating in the UK e-Research programme. Her research focus has been on understanding the ways in which the design, development and deployment of both computing infrastructure and software applications impact and influence the skilled practices that scientists and engineers rely upon to conduct routine research activities. Specifically, the ways in which technologies mediate the interpretation of phenomena, as well as the ways in which researchers communicate and collaborate through technologies. A specific outcome of her research has been the design of a requirements engineering technique that can be used to evaluate novel technologies developed, in the first instance, as proof-of-concept prototypes. 

With a focus on understanding the ways in which technology effects work practice within scientific settings her research extends across two areas of social science research; the sociology of scientific knowledge (SSK), with its focus on how scientific knowledge is produced, shared and modified, and computer supported cooperative work (CSCW), with its focus on understanding the details of work practice and collaboration.

Selected Publications

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Digital images of medieval music documents: transforming research processes and knowledge production in musicology.

Grace Eden and Marina Jirotka

In 45th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS)‚ January 4−7‚ 2012‚ Maui HI. 2012.

Interactional Validity: Assessing technologies to support embodied activities

Paul Luff‚ Marina Jirotka‚ Naomi Yamashita‚ Hideaki Kuzuoka‚ Grace de la Flor and Christian Heath

In Workshop  on  Embodied Interaction:  Theory and  Practice in HCI‚ 29th ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems‚ CHI'11. 2011.

Talk and sound: audible phenomena and the design of novel technologies for collaboration

Grace de la Flor and Marina Jirotka

In Working with sound: language‚ music and beyond‚ 5 March 2011‚ Phonetics Laboratory‚ Oxford University. 2011.





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