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Jennifer Watson

Personal photo - Jennifer Watson

Jennifer Watson

Learning Technologist


Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD


I am currently working on many areas of Learning Technology. Please use my booking system if you would like to book a meeting with me, either online or in-person (only for members of the University).

Technology for Learning and Teaching

The University IT Learning Centre provides training for various different tools and skills. Some training is in person, some is online and the courses vary in cost - many of the online training is free. Visit their website for more information.

If you don't know which tool is right for the task that you have, please get in touch using the address above or by booking a meeting.

Lecture Theatres and Lecture Capture

Please visit this site if you would like to read the Replay team's FAQ about recordings.

For general guidance about the technology in the Lecture Theatres in the Department of Computer Science, please use this page.

The Computer Science Wiki pages give further details on what you will find in each lecture theatre. Use this page to read more. You will need to be on the Computer Science network to be able to access this page.


You can access Computer Science Moodle here.

If you are trying to remember the URL for Moodle, it is the same as the CS website, just replace 'www' with 'courses'.

Any staff within the department are welcome to join the Moodle User Group on Teams (imaginatively named "Computer Science - Moodle User Group"). This is where you will find help videos specific to setting up a course within the CS Moodle.