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Jesse Wright

Personal photo - Jesse Wright

Jesse Wright

Doctoral Student


Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD


Jesse is currently pursuing his doctoral studies in the Human-Centred Computing group at the University of Oxford's Department of Computer Science. He is passionate about creating technologies that ensure individuals' data and devices serve their best interests.

He is actively involved in the EWADA project, led by Sir Nigel Shadbolt and Sir Tim Berners-Lee. The project focuses on developing new social and technical structures to foster a more equitable Web. His main research revolves around designing architectures that enable decentralized agents to autonomously negotiate and make decisions, thereby establishing a logical framework for Solid. In addition, Jesse is dedicated to the creation of a structured web-based graph of human knowledge.

Holding a Bachelor of Philosophy (Science) (Honours) from the Australian National University, Jesse majored in pure mathematics and computer science. His exceptional research on "Performant Interoperable Reasoning on a Decentralised Semantic Web" earned him the prestigious university medal.