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Joe Pitt-Francis

Personal photo - Joe Pitt-Francis

Joe Pitt-Francis

Associate Professor
Director of Teaching

College Lecturer, Wadham College
College Lecturer, Exeter College

T: +44 1865 2 83511


  • Chaste (Open source software for Computational Biology)
  • Parallel and high performance computing
  • Cardiac modelling
  • Computational geometry and finite element meshes
  • Software development


I am a mathematician (with an extremely strong interest in computer science!). I studied mathematics at Queen Mary and Westfield College from 1987, and then came to the Mathematical Institute in Oxford to study for a DPhil. in 1990. My project concerned viscous flow, in particular the motion of a solid ball in a rotating container of treacle.

From 1994 to 1996 I was employed by the University of Bath to work on a large research project called Development of Modelling Tools for the Forging Industry.

Since the beginning of 1997, I have been back in Oxford. I was initially employed as a research officer on the grant Manufacturing automation of large scale assemblies in the Computing Laboratory (now Department of Computer Science) and was then supervised by the late Stephen Cameron

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