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Lize Alberts

Personal photo - Lize Alberts

Lize Alberts

Doctoral Student

Student, Keble College

Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD


Topics: Dark Patterns; Nudges; Cyber-Physical Systems; Prospective Regulation; Autonomy; Transparency; (Embodied) Social Cognition; Social Machines

Fields: Behavioural Psychology; Human-Computer Interaction; Human-Robot Interaction; Cognitive Science; Technological Governance; Cognitive/Computational Linguistics; Natural Language Processing; Analytic Philosophy; Applied Ethics


Lize is a doctoral student in the Human Centred Computing group. She received a Lighthouse Graduate Scholarship from Amazon Web Services for work on RoboTIPS, co-supervised by Max van Kleek and Marina Jirotka. Her current work focuses on the prospective regulation of 'Dark Patterns' and nudges in future (voice-based/social robotic) systems, centred on the support of user autonomy. Her work involves integrating research and methods from disciplines including experimental psychology, Human-Computer Interaction, healthcare, and technological governance.

Lize has a research master's degree in Philosophy from Stellenbosch University. Her thesis draws from work in cognitive science, cognitive linguistics, Natural Language Processing/Understanding, and machine perception to explore possibilities in grounded language learning for embodied AI systems. Lize also holds a BA Honours degree in Philosophy from Stellenbosch University and her dissertation on computational linguistics was published in a peer-reviewed journal. Preceding that, she graduated top of her class in BA Humanities (Philosophy and Social Anthropology) at NWU, South Africa.

Lize is co-organiser of the Responsible Technology Institute's Student Network and President of the Oxford University Computer Society (CompSoc)