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Lyle Hopkins

Personal photo - Lyle Hopkins

Lyle Hopkins

Doctoral Student


Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD


I'm interested in the application of computer science to medical research problems, elucidating solutions through well engineered software.

At present my main areas of interest are Machine Learning and Knowledge Representation.

I'm currently developing machine learning pipelines to automate model discovery for the prediction of a patient's physical activity levels from clinical biomarkers.


My path to academia has been unusual. As a head strong teenager, I dropped out of college to start a software company. I later found myself wanting to build upon my self-taught skills and managed to convince the local University to trial me on two modules from their MSc Software Engineering programme. After finishing both with distinction, I was granted access to the full MSc. Following its completion, I worked at Cisco where I was soon promoted to run my team as a technical leader. However, I had returned to college part time to study A-level Biology as I was yearning to work on something more meaningful.

When an opportunity arose to work as a part time CTO for the Californian based start-up GreenRope, I left Cisco and was able to devote more time to my college studies. I finished college with 5 A-levels at A*. I attended the Software Engineering Mathematics module from Oxford's Software Engineering Programme whilst applying to the DTC and Computer Science Department to study for a DPhil. In 2020 I was very honoured to be offered one of the iCASE studentships at the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP.

I hope that my varied experience as a software engineer will bring a unique and valuable perspective to my research.