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Nicola Pinzani

Personal photo - Nicola Pinzani

Nicola Pinzani

Doctoral Student

Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD


I am interested in applying methods from category theory to understand causality in a spacetime of quantum processes. In particular I am interested in providing categorical semantics to causally exotic scenarios: starting from time-travel and cyclic causal structures, I am now investigating the operational nature of indefinite causality. The set-up and outcomes of an experiment presupposes the existence of causally stable surroundings, where the notions of cause and consequence take their familiar form independently of the specific processes being performed. Failing these assumptions, how can we make sure that a mathematical model of quantum theory in the presence of dynamical spacetimes is even empirically testable?



I grew up as a pure mathematician at the University of St Andrews with some research experience in analysis and combinatorics. I graduated from Oxford with an MSc at the Mathematical Institute where I become interested with the idea of studying quantum foundations using categorical tools. Nevertheless, I remain of the opinion that Proust understands time better than physicists.