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Oliver Britton

Personal photo - Oliver Britton

Dr Oliver J Britton

Research Assistant

Leaving date: 31st January 2020


I use computational modelling and simulation to understand the electrophysiology of the heart and peripheral nervous system. In particular, I am interested in integrating the inter-individual and inter-cellular variability present in experimental data into computational models to understand why individual responses to the same drug or disease can vary tremendously.


I did my undergrauate degree in Physics, before joining the Systems Biology DTC to switch fields for my DPhil. I did my DPhil as part of the Computational Cardiovascular Science group, supervised by Prof. Blanca Rodriguez and Dr. Alfonso Bueno-Orovio. I'm now working on applying the methodology I developed during my DPhil to studying human sensory neuron electrophysiology for pain research, funded through the NC3Rs 3Rs Prize Award and an EPSRC Doctoral Prize.

2015-: EPSRC Doctoral Prize and NC3Rs 3Rs Prize funded Research Assistant, Computational Cardiovascular Science group, Computer Science, University of Oxford

2011-2015: DPhil in Computational Biology, St Edmund Hall College, University of Oxford.

20010-2011: Systems Biology Doctoral Training Centre, St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford.

2006-2010: MPhys at St Hugh's College, University of Oxford. 

Selected Publications

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