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Bruno Marnette : Publications

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SPARQLog: SPARQL with Rules and Quantification

Francois Bry‚ Tim Furche‚ Clemens Ley‚ Benedikt Linse‚ Bruno Marnette and Olga Poppe

In Book Chapter‚ in Semantic Web Information Management: A Model Based Perspective‚ Springer. 2010.


Scalable Data Exchange with Functional Dependencies

Bruno Marnette‚ Giansalvatore Mecca and Paolo Papotti

In VLDB. 2010.


Static Analysis of Schema−Mappings ensuring Oblivious Termination

Bruno Marnette and Floris Geerts

In ICDT. 2010.


Datalog+⁄−: A Family of Logical Knowledge Representation and Query Languages for New Applications

Andrea Calì‚ Georg Gottlob‚ Thomas Lukasiewicz‚ Bruno Marnette and Andreas Pieris

In Proceedings of the 25th IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science‚ LICS 2010‚ Edinburgh‚ UK‚ July 2010. Pages 228–242. IEEE Computer Society. 2010.


HyperConsistency Width For Constraint Satisfaction

Bruno Marnette‚ Georg Gottlob and Gianluigi Greco

In Graph Theory‚ Computational Intelligence and Thought. 2009.


Generalized Schema Mapping: From Termination To Tractability

Bruno Marnette

In PODS. 2009.


RDFLog: It's like Datalog for RDF

Francois Bry‚ Tim Furche‚ Clemens Ley‚ Benedikt Linse and Bruno Marnette

In WLP. 2008.


Polynomial Constraints for Sets with Cardinality Bounds

Bruno Marnette‚ Viktor Kuncak and Martin Rinard

In FoSSaCS. 2007.