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Xin Huang : Publications

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Human interactive secure key and identity exchange protocols in body sensor networks

X. Huang‚ B. Chen‚ A. Markham‚ Q. Wang‚ Z. Yan and A.W. Roscoe

In Information Security‚ IET. Vol. 7. No. 1. Pages 30−38. March, 2013.


Bootstrapping body sensor networks using human controlled LED−camera channels

Xin Huang‚ Shangyuan Guo‚ Bangdao Chen and A.W. Roscoe

In Internet Technology And Secured Transactions‚ 2012 International Conferece For. Pages 433−438. December, 2012.


User interactive Internet of things privacy preserved access control

Xin Huang‚ Rong Fu‚ Bangdao Chen‚ Tingting Zhang and A.W. Roscoe

In Internet Technology And Secured Transactions‚ 2012 International Conferece For. Pages 597−602. December, 2012.


Decision Tree Based Rules Redistribution Algorithm for IP Monitoring of Lawful Interception on IPv4 Networks

Qin Qin Tang‚ Xin Huang‚ Xiao Ma and Sheng Kai Qu

In Advanced Materials Research. Vol. 532. Pages 1384–1388. 2012.


Human Interactive Secure ID Management in Body Sensor Networks

Xin Huang‚ Xiao Ma‚ Bangdao Chen‚ Andrew Markham‚ Qinghua Wang and Andrew Roscoe

In Journal of Networks. Vol. 7. No. 9. 2012.


Multi−Channel Key Distribution Protocols Using Visible Light Communications in Body Sensor Networks

X. Huang‚ B. Chen and AW Roscoe

In Computer Science Student Conference 2012. Pages 15. 2012.


Improving RSS−Based Ranging in LOS−NLOS Scenario Using GMMs

Q. Wang‚ I. Balasingham‚ M. Zhang and X. Huang

In Communications Letters‚ IEEE. No. 99. Pages 1–3. 2011.


Body sensor network key distribution using human interactive channels

Xin Huang‚ Qinghua Wang‚ Chen Bangdao‚ Andrew Markham‚ Riku Jäntti and A. W. Roscoe

In Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Applied Sciences in Biomedical and Communication Technologies. Pages 143:1–143:5. New York‚ NY‚ USA. 2011. ACM.


Privacy for mHealth presence

Xin Huang‚ Yang Jiang‚ Zuguang Liu‚ Theo Kanter and Tingting Zhang

In International Journal of Next−Generation Networks (IJNGN). Vol. 2. No. 4. Pages 33–44. 2010.


Outer system flow privacy protection

Xin Huang‚ Tingting Zhang and Lan Sun

In Systems Conference‚ 2010 4th Annual IEEE. Pages 117–120. IEEE. 2010.


Privacy and Security Aware Home Sensor System

Xin Huang and Tingting Zhang

In 2010 Cross−Strait Conference on Information Science and Technology‚ CSCIST 2010‚ Qinghuangdao‚ China‚ July‚ 2010. 2010.


Sensor Aided Authentication

Xin Huang‚ Yang Jiang‚ Xiong Gao‚ Rong Fu and Tingting Zhang

In Information Security and Assurance. Pages 265–277. Springer. 2010.


Id management among clouds

Xin Huang‚ Tingting Zhang and Yifan Hou

In Future Information Networks‚ 2009. ICFIN 2009. First International Conference on. Pages 237–241. IEEE. 2009.


Privacy of value−added context−aware service cloud

Xin Huang‚ Yin He‚ Yifan Hou‚ Lisi Li‚ Lan Sun‚ Sina Zhang‚ Yang Jiang and Tingting Zhang

In Cloud Computing. Pages 547–552. Springer. 2009.