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Rui Zhao

Personal photo - Rui Zhao

Rui Zhao

Research Associate

Research Member of Common Room, Kellogg College


Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD


Privacy-preserving computation; Data governance; Usage control; Automated reasoning


Rui Zhao is a postdoctoral researcher at the Human-Centred Computing group, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford. He is interested in supporting individual's privacy and control, balancing individuals' and societal collective interests, and challenges of decentralized applications.

At the moment, he works in the EWADA project (, led by Sir Nigel Shadbolt and Sir Tim Berners-Lee, centred around privacy-preserving and autonomy-respecting data processing in decentralized architectures like Solid (Social Linked Data). He received his PhD from the University of Edinburgh in 2022, where he worked on formal modelling and automated reasoning of data-use policies in decentralized research contexts. He received a bachelor's degree from Northwest A&F University, and masters degree from University of Edinburgh, working on extending and optimizing scientific workflow deployment with dynamic information at runtime.

Selected Publications

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