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Sadie Creese

Personal photo - Sadie Creese
Sadie Creese
Professor of Cybersecurity
Supernumerary Fellow, Worcester College
01865 273616

Robert Hooke Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PR


Sadie Creese is Professor of Cybersecurity in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford. She is Director of Oxford’s Cyber Security Centre, Director of the Global Centre for Cyber Security Capacity Building at the Oxford Martin School, and a co-Director of the Institute for the Future of Computing at the Oxford Martin School. Her research experience spans time in academia, industry and government. She is engaged in a broad portfolio of cyber security research spanning situational awareness, visual analytics, risk propagation and communication, threat modelling and detection, network defence, dependability and resilience, and formal analysis. She has numerous research collaborations with other disciplines and has been leading inter-disciplinary research projects since 2003. Prior to joining Oxford in October 2011 Creese was Professor and Director of e-Security at the University of Warwick’s International Digital Laboratory. Creese joined Warwick in 2007 from QinetiQ where she most recently served as Director of Strategic Programmes for QinetiQ’s Trusted Information Management Division. Recent publications include papers on topics including insider threat detection, visual analytics for cyber attack, cyber risk propagation prediction, identity attribution across physical and cyber spaces, personal privacy in the face of big data, vulnerability of identities in social networking contexts, and trustworthiness metrics for openly sourced data.


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Member of RCUK Global Uncertainties Programme Strategic Advisory Group

Selected Publications

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Cyber Warfare: A Multidisciplinary Analysis

D. Hodges and S. Creese

Chapter Understanding Cyber−Attacks. Routledge. In preparation.

The SuperIdentity Stimulus Dataset − a Multi−Modal Biometric and Cybermetric Resource

G. Neil‚ S. Stevenage‚ S. Black‚ H. Meadows‚ S. Creese‚ D. Hodges‚ H. He‚ W. Pike‚ O. Love‚ S. Saxby‚ A. Knight‚ I. Hamlin‚ J. Schultz‚ D. Stanton−Fraser‚ C. Bevan‚ L. Emanuel‚ M. Whitty and S Jamison−Powell

In Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence‚ IEEE Transactions on. In Review.

Two sides of the coin: measuring and communicating the trustworthiness of online information

Jason R.C. Nurse‚ Ioannis Agrafiotis‚ Michael Goldsmith‚ Sadie Creese and Koen Lamberts

In Journal of Trust Management. Vol. 1. No. 5. 2014.





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