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Samson Abramsky: Research Interests

I have worked in a wide range of areas in the semantics and logic of computation, including concurrency, domain theory (especially domain theory in logical form), lambda calculus, semantics of programming languages, and abstract interpretation and program analysis.

Over the past decade, most of my work has been in game semantics and its applications to the semantics of programming languages, in interaction categories, and in geometry of interaction, and connections with traced monoidal categories and realizability.

More recently, my work on game semantics has focussed on developing an algorithmic approach, with applications to software model-checking and program analysis.

I am increasingly interested in connections between computer science and other scientific disciplines. I believe that the distinctive methods of computer science, above all compositional semantics and logic, may have much to offer across a broad sweep of the physical and biological sciences, and to the modelling of complex systems. My first detailed venture into this new territory is in the field of quantum information and computation.

My publications on all these topics, organized thematically, can be found here.