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William Simmons

Personal photo - William Simmons

William Simmons

Doctoral Student

Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD


My current work focusses on category theory for causal structures. In particular, I am investigating properties of directed information signalling in the external correllations of higher-order processes from an abstract process theory without any assumption on their internal structure with respect to spacetime. This allows us to generalise results such as characterisations of spaces of one-way signalling and non-signalling channels in quantum theory to both other process theories and higher-order settings.

I have previously worked on quantum circuit simplification/compiler technology and circuit extraction from MBQC/ZX diagrams. My other academic interests include type systems for quantum programming languages and their relations to formal logics, as well as diagonalisation and measurement reduction in quantum algorithms.


University of Cambridge BA Computer Science 2014-17
University of Oxford MSc Computer Science 2017-18
Cambridge Quantum Research Software Developer 2018-20 full time, 2020-present part time
University of Oxford DPhil Computer Science 2020-present