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FDR3 Released

FDR3 has now been released and is available from here.

FDR3 incorporates many improvements over FDR2, including a multi-core refinement checker (with support for clusters); an integrated type-checker; and a re-imagined user interface. All users of FDR2 and strongly encouraged to upgrade to FDR3 as soon as possible.

Historical FDR2 binaries

From this page you can download the academic releases of the CSP refinement checker FDR2, together with links to some other CSP-related tools, including a CSP type checker and the CSP process explorer ProBE.

For information about these tools, please contact

Binaries are currently available for Mac OSX (universal 32/64 bit binary) and Linux (separate 32 and 64 bit binaries).

FDR 2.94 academic use release

This release of FDR2 introduces the following new features:

This release of FDR2 also fixes a small number of correctness bugs in FDR 2.91 : All users are encouraged to upgrade.

At the current time these binaries are available for academic teaching and research purposes only.

Linux (ia32)
Linux (x86_64)
OS X (Combined ia32/x86_64 binary)

FDR2 Documentation

The FDR2 manual is available to download as a pdf or html tarfile. The manual is also available online

Other tools

The CSP Process Explorer ProBE and the CSP type checker can be freely downloaded from the website of Formal Systems (Europe) Ltd.

Research Prototypes

Various prototype builds of FDR2 which include new features are also available: