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Second workshop on Quantum Foundations

18th March to 21st March 2013

This workshop hopes to gather some of the active participants in categorical quantum mechanics and foundations of quantum mechanics. It is co-located with a workshop on Coalgebras in Computation, Logic, Probability, and Quantum Physics. We hope that there will be some cross fertilization of ideas across the two meetings.

The workshop organizer is Bob Coecke. Attendance is by invitation only. Several people have been invited, their names will appear here once they confirm attendance. We have confirmations so far from: Antonio Acin, Miriam Backens, Jon Barrett, Eric Cavalcante, Bob Coecke, Ross Duncan, Tobias Fritz, Ichiro Hasuo, Chris Heunen, Matty Hoban, Bart Jacobs, Aleks Kissinger, Ray Lal, Markus Muller, Miguel Navascues, Jonathan Oppenheim, Prakash Panangaden, Rob Spekkens, and Harny Wang.

The practice at these workshops has been to allow the speaker ample time to get to technical details. There should be lots of opportunities for extensive discussions; we will not cram the schedule with lots of short talks. The talks are given on primitive chalkboards. Please do not prepare slides for a data projector or plastic transparencies.

The workshop runs from 18th March 2013 to 21st March 2013 and will take place at the Bellairs Research Institute in Barbados. Directions and things to know: The airport is on the east-south point of the island and Bellairs is on the west side in the Parish of St. James (about a 40 minute taxi drive).

Tell the taxi drivers to take you to Bellairs Research Centre in Holetown. Holetown is small and Bellairs is on the main (only) street - it is just north of Folkstone Park. The taxi ride should cost about $35 U.S. Barbados is safe and one shouldn't worry about travelling alone during the day. US currency is freely accepted at 2 Barbadian dollars per US dollar. Other currencies (Pound sterling, Canadian dollars) are not accepted; you will have to change them at banks or at the airport.  People had trouble using their bank cards from Europe, but Canadian and US cards seem to work fine. At the airport if you go around to the departures side just after you arrive you will find cash machines that will work.

Good things to bring are suntan lotion or dark skin, mosquito repellent, swimwear, papers/books/stationary and light clothing (it will be warm). There is wireless hookup for laptops so you can bring your own laptop. There is a small fee for using the internet. The cost of a room will depend on the room. Dinners will be served on site for US $25 per meal and breakfasts for US $7 per meal. Payment can be made by credit card. The room allocations are made by the organizer, please do not contact the Bellairs staff to make room bookings.