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Computer Science

This course in Computer Science aims to produce graduates thoroughly conversant with the principles of modern computing science, who are able to apply those principles in the design and construction of reliable systems. The course at Oxford concentrates on bridging theory and practice, including a wide variety of hardware and software technologies and their applications. The course is designed to equip students with the fundamental understanding and practical skills needed by the potential leaders of a demanding profession.

However, this by no means limits our graduates in their choice of career: like other courses at Oxford, it is a training in logical thought and expression, and can lead to employment in many different fields. A sound understanding of mathematical ideas is needed throughout the degree, both for potential applications such as scientific computation, and for reasoning rigorously about the specification and behaviour of programs.

Practical skills must also be developed, and the majority of subjects within the course are linked with practical work which contributes marks towards the final examination. The laboratory has a large network of up-to-date workstations for practical work, and the network is accessible from colleges and many student rooms, and from the global internet.

This can be taken either as a three-year (BA) or a four-year (Master) degree with exams at the end of each year.