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Part A, Computer Science

In the second year, Computer Science students are required to take: 

- the core courses in Algorithms & Data Structures, Compilers, Concurrent Programming and Models of Computation;

- four optional courses from Schedules A1 and A2;

- the Group Design Practical

Part A Core and Schedule A1 & A2 courses will be examined at the end of your 2nd year.

Practicals will be assessed as a nominal paper, as for Prelims. They play no part in the classification but each year a candidate must pass the practical component of the course in order to pass the exam, i.e. candidates must achieve 40% or more overall in their practicals each year to pass. All 2nd year students are required to complete the Group Design Practical.

All papers will be examined by a written paper in Trinity Term, except those which are examined by mini-project. Courses examined by mini-project this year are: Data Visualisation, Deep Learning in Healthcare and Requirements.

Part A Core

Schedule A1

Schedule A2


Exam Conventions