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Part A, Mathematics and Computer Science

Maths and Computer Science Part A students are required to take:

  • The two core Computer Science papers: Algorithms & Data Structures and Models of Computation
  • Computer Science options: two Computer Science subjects from Schedules A1(M&CS) and A2(M&CS)
  • The two core Mathematics papers: A0 Linear Algebra and A2 Metric Spaces & Complex Analysis
  • Mathematics options: the number of options is not specified, but it is recommended that you take 32 lectures’ worth. Mathematics options will be examined by either two papers from A3-A5, A7-A11 or one paper from A3-A5, A7-A11 and paper ASO
  • Group Design Practical

Please note:  If you are planning to take a course from Schedule B1 that is scheduled in Trinity term then you must take the lectures and associated classes and practicals in Year 2, the examinations will be at the end of your 3rd year. You must select the course for examination when completing your examination entry in your 3rd year. In 2022-23 these courses will be: Concurrency.

Colleges will organise tutorials for core Computer Science courses and for the optional courses Compilers and Concurrent Programming.

Practicals will be assessed as a nominal paper, as for Prelims. They play no part in the classification but a candidate must pass the practical component of the course in order to pass the exam, i.e. candidates must achieve 40% or more overall in their practicals each year to pass.

Details of Mathematics courses can be found at Details of Computer Science courses can be found below.

Schedule A1(M&CS)

Schedule A2(M&CS)


Exam Conventions