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Computational Linguistics

The appointment of Stephen Clark in 2004 and the move in 2006 from Oxford's Linguistics department by Prof. Stephen Pulman established a leading group in computational linguistics. Their work encompasses and combines established knowledge-based approaches with statistical and machine learning methods. Their new group, currently comprising 15 members, is growing rapidly and has been particularly successful in attracting top-class doctoral students. The group has links with industry such as Sharp Laboratories of Europe, currently sponsoring an EPSRC CASE studentship, and Corpora Software, fully funding a DPhil student. The group also has interdisciplinary links with other Oxford departments, a notable example being a collaboration with the Engineering Department on robot navigation. It is a partner in the 12M Euro FP6 Companions project for research into learning methods for human-machine dialogues, and the FP7: Europa European Robotic Pedestrian Assistant project. Phil Blunsom joined the group in Oct 2009, replacing Stephen Clark who has moved to Cambridge.



  • Quantum Linguistics
  • Variational Bayesian Inference
  • Vector Space Modelling of Semantics
  • Deep Learning


Emeritus Faculty


Lize Alberts
(Stellenbosch University)

Past Members

Paul Baltescu
Jan Botha
Nando de Freitas
Simon Dobnik
(Linguistics, Philology, and Phonetics)
Gregory Dubbin
Debora Field
Jamie Frost
Ramon Granell
Edward Grefenstette
Karl Moritz Hermann
Nal Kalchbrenner
Tomas Kocisky
Ashley Rust
Ondrej Rypacek
Janet Sadler
James Smith
Pengyu Wang
Afifah Waseem
Pia-Ramona Wojtinnek
Lei Yu

Selected Publications

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