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Maria Vanina Martinez in 'AI's 10 to Watch' list for 2018


Maria Vanina Martinez, a former researcher in the department, has been included in IEEE Intelligent System's 'AI's 10 to Watch' list for 2018. This award recognises young scientists (who earned their PhDs within the last five years) for their contributions to the field of Artificial Intelligence early in their careers.

While at Oxford, Martinez worked in the Information Systems group on topics centred on knowledge representation and reasoning; She mostly worked on the development of inconsistency-tolerant semantics for query answering for different ontology languages, reasoning with preferences, and group decision making in the context of a Google Research Award and the PrOQAW EPSRC grant; she was also co-founder and secretary of the Oxford Women in Computer Science Society (OxWoCS).

Martinez is currently a researcher for CONICET in the Institute for Computer Science (ICC) and a visiting professor at the Department of Computer Science in Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina.