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Undergraduate Student Prizes Awarded


Tomáš Kočiský and Quentin Spencer-Harper have both been awarded  Undergraduate Computer Science prizes for the 2011-2012 academic year.

Tomáš Kočiský who has just completed his 4th year of a Maths & Computer Science degree was awarded the Gloucester Research Project Prize for best 4th year Maths & Computer Science project 2012.  Tomáš's thesis was on "Queries with Order-by Clauses and Aggregates on Factorised Relational Data." He has gone on to start a  Computer Science DPhil (the Oxford word for a PhD)  with us this term.

Quentin Spencer-Harper, who has just completed the 3rd year of a Computer Science degree received the Gloucester Research Prize for best 3rd year Computer Science project 2012.   Quentin's thesis was on the "Evaluation of Aggregate Queries on pvc-Tables"  He is now with Palantir Technologies (London).

Both Tomáš and Quentin's projects were supervised by Dan Olteanu in the context of his research projects SPROUT and respectively FDB.   The students were both from Magdalen College, where Oege de Moor is tutor.