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Bookings open for Further Maths - What Next? 2014


Further Maths - What Next?  Wednesday 19th March 2014, 9:15am - 5:00pm 

Are you or your students doing Further Maths A-level, but not sure what you want to do at University?  Talented at Maths, but not sure if they want to do something that abstract at Uni? Want to know a bit more about Maths-related degree subjects that don't appear on the school curriculum?   Oxford's Mathematics Institute and Department of Computer Science are delighted to welcome A-level students, from UK State schools, to the "Further Maths - What Next?"  day.

 The day draws together subject areas from across the University who are looking for prospective students with a real aptitude for Maths.  Attendees will attend a range of short taster sessions on subjects that list Further Maths as either a 'highly desirable' or 'helpful' A-level for Oxford applicants to have. Max 5 students per school.  Open to high-performing students who are taking both Maths and Further Maths A Levels.   If a student already knows which subject they wish to apply for at university this is not the event for them. Further information and bookings: