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Alastair Donaldson

Personal photo - Alastair Donaldson

Alastair Donaldson

Former Member

Leaving date: 31st August 2011


Completed Projects:


I hold an EPSRC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford (since May 2009). My research proposal is on Advanced Formal Verification Techniques for Heterogeneous Multi-core Programming, and involves Codeplay Software Ltd. and the Software Performance Optimization Group, Department of Computing, Imperial College London, as partners.

Prior to joining the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, I worked as a Research Engineer at Codeplay Software Ltd. (January 2007-May 2009) in Edinburgh. Codeplay specialise in optimizing compilers for multi-core processors. I worked on their Sieve C++ Parallel Programming System, which won the Research and Development Award at the European Electronics Industry Awards 2008, and led a development project retargeting their VectorC compiler for a modern VLIW processor.

I obtained my Ph.D. from the Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow (October 2003-June 2007) under the supervision of Alice Miller. I also received my B.Sc. degree from Glasgow (October 1999-June 2003).

Completed Projects