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Women at Oxford

Current students

At Oxford we are committed to encouraging and supporting female computer scientists while they are in our department and in their future careers. Read more.

Research and teaching staff

Our female researchers conduct ground-breaking research and our lecturers are part of a team offering world-class teaching. Read more.

The Oxford Women in Computer Science Society

The Oxford Women in Computer Science Society (OxWoCS) supports, promotes and empowers women in Computer Science. Read more.

Events for schools and young people

One aim of our school event programme is to encourage more girls to consider studying Computer Science through events such as Women in Computer Science Day and InspireHer! Read more.


When our students move on to employment, they take up a range of interesting posts in industry and research, for instance, in systematic trading or software development. Read more.


The women in our department regularly have achievements to celebrate. They win prestigious awards, complete high quality research, and present winning papers at conferences. Read more.

History of Women in Computer Science

Walk into Professor Blanca Rodriguez's office and you'll see a striking image of the physiology of the heart. She's part of a long Oxford tradition of using computation to unravel complex systems: Dorothy Hodgkin, winner of the 1964 Nobel Prize for chemistry, was one of Oxford's computing pioneers, and her beautiful computer-drawn images of the structure of insulin now have pride of place in the Bodleian Library. Read the full article here.