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Alexandru Baltag

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Dr Alexandru Baltag

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Much of my work has an inter-disciplinary character, touching on fields as diverse as Game Theory, Decision Theory and Social Choice Theory, Linguistics, Cognitive Studies, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Physics and Quantum Computation, Epistemology, and Foundations of Mathematics. This is apparent from my list of publications, and it is not accidental.

Indeed, at the heart of my research agenda lies the idea that Logic is currently evolving into a new interdisciplinary field, devoted to studying 'qualitative informational interactions'; i.e. the sources, the flow, the gathering, processing, combining and upgrading (or more generally the 'dynamics'), of Qualitative Information. As such, Logic naturally underlies most of Theoretical Computer Science, but it also has the potential of acting as a unifying force for many academic disciplines around the concept of Qualitative Informational Interaction.

Within this wider vision, my research contributions can be classified within a number of more specific research areas:

(1) models for multi-agent information flow, information merge and interactive belief revision (learning, communication, persuasion, information updates, belief upgrades, belief aggregation);

(2) modal logic, dynamic logic, epistemic logic, temporal logic;

(3) logics for quantum computation and quantum information flow;

(4) coalgebras, non-well-founded sets and Universal Set Theory, as models for self-reference, circularity and 'simulation' in Language and Computation;

(5) logics for Game Theory: reasoning about action, rationality and solution concepts in games;

(6) games for Logic: using semantic games to investigate properties of logics (such as pebble games for pebble logics, and coalgebraic games for coalgebraic logics);

(7) formal epistemology, philosophy of information and philosophy of science.

For more details on my research interests, as well as on teaching, talks, publications etc, please click on  "My personal pages" (under "Links").


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