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Andy Twigg

Personal photo - Andy Twigg

Dr Andy Twigg

Junior Research Fellow

Leaving date: 1st August 2015


I'm a Junior Research Fellow in Computer Science. I'm attached to St Johns College. I have previously worked on algorithms for failure-tolerant network routing, streaming persistent indexesepidemic streamingdistributed computing and streaming analytics. I have also done work in streaming algorithms and sketching algorithms. I have taught or supervised various courses including randomized algorithms and advanced algorithms.

I'm currently interested in working on challenging problems involving combining large-scale data algorithmics, machine learning (supervised and unsupervised) and information retrieval.

(poorly updated news):

* February 2013: I am writing a streaming random forests implementation in Mahout - let me know if you are interested in helping

* December 2012: I went through CLRS to remind myself and pushed some of it to github - in case it's useful at all

* September 2012: I visited Cyril Gavoille at LaBRI Bordeaux to work on failure-tolerant compact routing

* October 2012: I visited the MADALGO group at Aarhus to work on high-dimensional indexing

* June 2012: I left Acunu to work on new projects in Oxford


In 2002 I studied Computer Science at Warwick, graduating with the top first. In 2006 I completed my PhD at Cambridge in algorithms and lower bounds for failure-tolerant compact routing. I spent several months at Microsoft Research Cambridge and then Thomson Research (now Technicolor labs) where I worked on epidemic algorithms for large-scale live streaming. I moved to Oxford in 2008 to take up a Junior Research Fellowship in Computer Science and Mathematics. In 2009 I took a sabattical to start a company ( that started out working on persistent indexing algorithms and low-power storage, but we ended up doing real-time OLAP cube-style analytics on Cassandra. I left Acunu in June 2012 to return to Oxford and find new and interesting problems to work on.