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Antonin Delpeuch

Personal photo - Antonin Delpeuch

Antonin Delpeuch

Doctoral Student

Student, New College

Leaving date: 8th June 2022


2021-10-15: I have submitted my thesis so this page will disappear soon, go to my webpage for more up-to-date links.

My work revolves around string diagrams, which are graphical representation of processes.

More specifically, this consists in the following activities:

  • Defining new classes of diagrams and proving soundness and completeness with respect to a particular algebraic structure. I have worked on this for bimonoidal categories;
  • Studying the word problem for such diagrams. This consists in finding algorithms to determine whether two diagrams represent the same process. Depending on the sort of string diagrams that one considers, this problem can be easy, probably hard or even known to be undecidable. I have worked on this problem for monoidal categories, symmetric monoidal categories, double categories and braided monoidal categories so far;
  • Using these diagrams to prove new results, for instance on the free generation of adjoints in a monoidal categories, which has applications in linguistics, or to obtain a syntax for dataflow programs.

In parallel from my theoretical work, I also work on OpenRefine, an open source tool to normalize tabular data. This work is inspired from a categorical model I have developed for it, which makes it possible to rearrange and reason about data transformation workflows.

Other open source projects can be found on my GitHub profile.






I started my DPhil in October 2016, under the supervision of Jamie Vicary.

Before that, I studied at École Normale Supérieure, in Paris. For my masters degree in mathematical logic and foundations of computer science, I took a research placement at the University of Ljubljana where I worked with Alex Simpson on algorithmic randomness and point-free topology.

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