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Brendan Fong

Personal photo - Brendan Fong

Brendan Fong

Doctoral Student

Leaving date: 28th July 2016



I currently work on understanding the use of circuit diagrams through the lens of symplectic linear algebra and dagger compact categories. This contributes to larger programme on network theory led by John Baez, see or my transfer of status report for more details. 

I've also spent some time thinking, mostly from a categorical perspective, about social choice theory, information theory, reaction networks, Bayesian networks, and the moduli space of elliptic curves -- some details can be found in the publications list below.

I'm always happy to chat about any of this stuff, or anything else really; just send me an email =).

From September 2016 I will be at UPenn. My more permanent and (hopefully) up-to-date webpage can be found at

Selected Publications

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