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Daniel Woods

Personal photo - Daniel Woods

Daniel Woods

Doctoral Student

Leaving date: 17th October 2019


My research investigates how risk transfer products change the incentives behind information security decisions.

I joined the Department of Computer Science via a year long multidisciplinary jaunt at the Cyber Security CDT. Prior to Oxford, I completed an MSci in Mathematics at Bristol University.

Research Projects

RQ: How should insurers share claims data to improve security investments?
Monte Carlo methods to investigate how aggregated cyber insurance claims data impacts security investments
We used Monte Carlo methods to simulate three insurer strategies for sharing claims data. The results suggest insurers should encourage diversity in defensive configurations when uncertainty about the efficacy of controls is high.

RQ: Which security controls do insurers collect information about during the application process?
Mapping the coverage of security controls in cyber insurance proposal forms

We collected and analysed 24 cyber insurance application forms. The results suggest the details of implementation is barely touched. Is this a problem?

RQ: What can consumers infer from cyber warranties?
Cyber warranties as a quality signal for information security products
Cyber warranties could act as a costly signal allowing consumers to differentiate between security vendors. A warranty is costlier for vendors peddling less effective products.

RQ: How can policymakers support the cyber insurance market?
Policy measures and cyber insurance: a framework
We analysed reports published by government agencies in the US, the EU and the UK to understand which policy measures in support of the cyber insurance market are under discussion.

Selected Publications

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