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Fabrizio Romano Genovese

Personal photo - Fabrizio Genovese

Fabrizio Romano Genovese

Doctoral Student
Research and Project Co-ordinator

Leaving date: 31st August 2018



I am mainly interested in:

  • Categorical models of meaning, particularly in those based on concepts borrowed from cognitive theory and neuroscience. I am working to find categorical semantics different from the distributional ones based on vector spaces, density matrices and the like. Going a bit more in detail I am using generalizatiosn of the category of sets and relations (over arbitrary algebras, arbitrary truth values and arbitrary toposes) to formalize Peter Gärdenfor's conceptual spaces approach to cognition.
  •  Generalizations of categorical quantum mechanics to infinite dimensions. I am investigating how to extend the current categorical formalism of quantum mechanics to countable and uncountable dimensions borrowing tools from nonstandard analisys. This approach is particularly nice because it preserves nearly everything of the CQM diagrammatic formalism. Moreover, it allows for an easy formalization of non-separable Hilbert spaces without having to resort to C*-Algebras and von Neumann algebras. This makes the construction of "traditionally obnoxious objects" as quantum fields rather easy.


I got my BSc degree in pure maths at the University Federico II of Naples (my hometown). Then I moved to University of Siena for my MSc, again in pure maths. Finally, I moved to Oxford where I'm currently a DPhil student.

I won the Most Obnoxious Student Talk Award at QPL 2017.

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