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Gareth Molyneux

Personal photo - Gareth Molyneux

Mr Gareth Wyn Molyneux

Doctoral Student

Leaving date: 27th August 2021


My research interests lie in integrating Bayesian inference, machine learning and formal verification techniques to the construction and analysis of stochastic models within Synthetic Biology. Synthetic Biology is a highly multidisciplinary field that seeks to design and construct new synthetic biological parts and devices, therefore the accurate design and verification of those devices is of utmost importance. Specifically I am interested in likelihood-free inference, Bayesian model selection, probabilistic model checking, statistical model checking and integrating machine learning techniques into these formal verification methods.


I am pursuing a DPhil in Synthetic Biology within the Computer Science department at Wadham College, University of Oxford. Before joining the University of Oxford, I previously studied at the University of Manchester for an MSc in Applied Mathematics and I obtained my BSc in Mathematics at the University of Nottingham.