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Giovanni de Felice

Giovanni de Felice

Doctoral Student

Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD


My interests are hard to write on a line, they are better expressed in the form of a commuting square:

  • Topology → Quantum: I explored the interplay between quantum physics and topology during my master thesis and in the paper on fermionic circuits. My current research fosuses on the representation theory of Hopf algebras and its applications to topological quantum computation, fermionic linear optics and TQFTs.
  • Topology → Natural language: Pregroup grammars, planar autonomous categories introduced by Lambek, capture the reduction process from words to sentence. Interestingly, we can construct such categories from the representations of a Hopf algebra.
  • Natural language → Databases: In the paper on compositional discourse analysis I explored how relational databases can serve as a semantics for natural language processing.
  • Quantum → Databases: To make the square commute I am studying the quantum monad on relational structures and the role of contextuality in database theory, quantum and natural language.


I did my undergrad at Imperial College London in Mathematics, focusing mainly on algebra and its applications to other fields in mathematics such as topology, geometry and number theory. I graduated from the MFOCS with a thesis on Hopf algebras in Quantum Computation,  supervised by Bob Coecke.

Selected Publications

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