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Giovanni de Felice

Personal photo - Giovanni de Felice

Giovanni de Felice

Doctoral Student

Leaving date: 7th October 2022


I am interested in the applications of Category theory to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Quantum Computing (QC). In the context of NLP, I have been working on the relationship between Pregroup Grammar and Database Theory with the aim of building structured question-answering algorithms. These models can be implemented using classical and quantum Machine Learning techniques borrowed from the database community. My research in QC is focused at developing graphical formalisms to translate between different models of quantum computation such as Topological, Fermionic, Measurement-Based and Gate-Based Quantum Computing. I enjoy reasoning with diagrams and discussing the role of contextuality in databases, quantum physics and natural language.


I did my undergrad at Imperial College London in Mathematics and graduated from the MFOCS with a thesis on Hopf algebras in Quantum Computation,  supervised by Bob Coecke.

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