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Hector Miller-Bakewell

Personal photo - Hector Miller-Bakewell

Hector Miller-Bakewell

Doctoral Student

Leaving date: 10th November 2020


My work focuses on Conjecture Synthesis: Developing AI with a focus on generating true and interesting statements inside a given theory. While the ZX-calculus is the primary calculus we work inside (and therefore Quantum Computing theorems the primary output,) the theory and software developed can be extended to other systems. The software is written as a module on top of Quantomatic, a graphical rewrite tool that I am continuing to develop as part of a legacy of DPhil students, overseen by Aleks Kissinger. While my current work is AI for Quantum Computing my background and other interests are more mathematical in nature.


You can contact me at or find me in room 250.


Hector is a mathematician with interests ranging from music and dancing to game design and simulations. They studied maths at Cambridge, completing Part III after taking time out to deal with disabilities and work as a software engineer. Having worked on stock forecasting algorithms for Tesco and data upkeep methods for hairdressing chains they are now spending most of their time writing code for Quantomatic, a graphical rewrite system of great use for reasoning about Quantum Computing, as well as AI capable of using it.