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Imad M. Abbadi

Personal photo - Imad Abbadi

Dr Imad M. Abbadi

Senior Researcher

Leaving date: 30th September 2013

Completed Projects:


My research interest is in the area of Cloud computing, trusted computing, organization security and enterprise rights management.


Dr. Imad Abbadi B.Sc. (Hons), Pg.D., M.Sc. (distinction), Ph.D. I am leading the role of Oxford University in an EU funded TClouds project aiming to establish the next generation trustworthy Cloud computing. TClouds is a multinational research project which involves 14 leading partners with more than 42 researchers covering different domains of expertise. My duty includes leading Oxford role in TClouds project and managing staff to achieve the following:

- Designed, developed and delivered a worldwide novel postgraduate course in Cloud security merging both the industrial vision of Clouds with solid scientific foundations. The course content is published in more than 20 papers. The course is now part of Oxford University‘s MSc in software and systems security. I am the primary leader for the development and teaching of this course. 
- Architecting and building a trustworthy Cloud infrastructure, and architecting and designing tools for establishing trust in Cloud computing.
- Project management and people supervision
- Define Oxford University research agenda within the project.
- Propose the development of the computer science department research strategy in Cloud computing.
- Develope new research methodologies, conduct individual research, and generate original ideas by building on existing concepts.
- Write publications at the standard of the internationally leading venues.
- Define and apply for research grants.
- Collaborate in research initiatives with internal colleagues and outside bodies.

I am writing a book about "Cloud management and security" (to be published by Wiley) which covers the foundations of Cloud computing and draw the roadmap research agenda for establishing the next generation trustworthy Clouds. The book aims to help researchers and students to understand this complex science in simple terms. It also helps professionals to understand how different Cloud components which covers complex domains of expertise work together as an orchestrated work.


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