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Joao Sousa Pinto

Personal photo - Joao Sousa Pinto

Joao Moreira de Sousa Pinto

Doctoral Student

Leaving date: 16th June 2017


I recently finished my DPhil under the supervision of James Worrell, Joel Ouaknine, and Elias Koutsoupias. I am interested in Theoretical Computer Science and Mathematics in general, but am currently working on linear discrete dynamical systems problems related to Kannan and Lipton's Orbit Problem.

Before coming to Oxford, I graduated top in my year (2012) from the University of Porto with a Licenciatura (BSc) in Mathematics. I came to Oxford in 2012/13 to read for the MSc Computer Science, which I completed with distinction, and started my DPhil the following year (2013/14). I was also a non-stipendiary college lecturer at St Catherine's College during the Hilary and Trinity terms in 2014/15.

I am a member of the Tennis, Rowing, and Football joint teams of Wolfson and St Cross colleges. Playing piano and punting are some of my other favourite procrastination methods.

You can find my DPhil thesis here.


Departmental Teaching Duties:

Hilary 2017: Probability and Computing

Michaelmas 2015: Probability and Computing

Trinity 2015: Introduction to Formal Proof

Hilary 2015: Logic and Proof, Probabilistic Combinatorics

Michaelmas 2014: Computational Learning Theory, Martingales Through Measure Theory, Communication Theory (yes, three courses in a term; don't do that.)

Hilary 2014: Computational Complexity

Michaelmas 2013: Foundations of Computer Science


Selected Publications:

The Polyhedral Escape Problem is decidable (with J. Ouaknine and J. Worrell). Accepted to HSCC 17.

Solvability of Linear-Exponential Equations (with J. Ouaknine, A. Pouly, and J. Worrell). Accepted to LICS 16.

On Termination of Integer Linear Loops (with J. Ouaknine and J. Worrell). Accepted to SODA 15.

(Google Scholar profile link here)