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Ken Wang

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Ken Wang
Doctoral Student

Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD

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A Local Sensitivity Analysis Method for Developing Biological Models with Identifiable Parameters: Application to Cardiac Ionic Channel Modelling

A. Sher‚ K. Wang‚ A. Wathen‚ P.J. Maybank‚ G.R. Mirams‚ D. Abramson‚ D. Noble and D.J. Gavaghan

In Future Generation Computer Systems. Vol. 29. No. 2. Pages 591−598. 2013.

Cardiac electrophysiological imaging systems scalable for high−throughput drug testing

Peter Lee‚ Ken Wang‚ ChristopherE. Woods‚ Ping Yan‚ Peter Kohl‚ Paul Ewart‚ LeslieM. Loew‚ DerekA. Terrar and Christian Bollensdorff

In Pflügers Archiv − European Journal of Physiology. Vol. 464. Pages 645−656. 2012.

Minimum information about a cardiac electrophysiology experiment (MICEE): Standardised reporting for model reproducibility‚ interoperability‚ and data sharing

T.A. Quinn‚ S. Granite‚ M.A. Allessie‚ C. Antzelevitch‚ C. Bollensdorff‚ G. Bub‚ R.A.B. Burton‚ E. Cerbaig‚ P.S. Chen‚ M. Delmar‚ D. DiFrancesco‚ Y.E. Earm‚ I.R. Efimov‚ M. Egger‚ E. Entcheva‚ M. Fink‚ R. Fischmeister‚ M.R. Franz‚ A. Garny‚ W.R. Giles‚ T. Hannes‚ S.E. Harding‚ P.J. Hunter‚ G. Iribe‚ J. Jalife‚ C.R. Johnson‚ R.S. Kass‚ I. Kodama‚ G. Koren‚ P. Lord‚ V.S. Markhasin‚ S. Matsuoka‚ A.D. McCulloch‚ G.R. Mirams‚ G.E. Morley‚ S. Nattel‚ D. Noble‚ S.P. Olesen‚ A.V. Panfilov‚ N.A. Trayanova‚ U. Ravens‚ S. Richard‚ D.S. Rosenbaum‚ Y. Rudy‚ F. Sachs‚ F.B. Sachse‚ D.A. Saint‚ U. Schotten‚ O. Solovyova‚ P. Taggart‚ L. Tung‚ A. Varró‚ P.G. Volders‚ K. Wang‚ J.N. Weiss‚ E. Wettwer‚ E. White‚ R. Wilders‚ R.L. Winslow and P. Kohl

In Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology. Vol. 107. Pages 4 − 10. 2011.