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Lia Yeh

Personal photo - Lia Yeh

Lia Yeh

Doctoral Student

Student, Oriel College



Lia Yeh is a computer science DPhil student in the Quantum Group at the University of Oxford, funded by a Google PhD Fellowship, and prior to that funded by the university's flagship Clarendon scholarship. Her primary research focus is on applying and developing ZX-calculus and related quantum graphical calculi as a diagrammatic language for quantum error correction, qudits, and photonic quantum computing. Her other research interests include exact circuit synthesis, quantum education, and quantum chemistry. She has bachelor’s degrees in physics and computing at the College of Creative Studies of the University of California, Santa Barbara where she designed microwave spectroscopy algorithms to determine molecular structure. She currently works as a part-time Research Engineer at Quantinuum, and volunteers with IEEE Quantum Education and with the Quantum Universal Education not-for-profit community. She chairs the student committee of the 2023 and 2024 Quantum Science and Engineering Education Conference, and was its first Program Chair in 2022. Previously, she worked part-time at IBM Quantum Education developing a tutorial as an introduction to quantum computing through ZX-calculus diagrams. Prior to that, she worked part-time teaching some of the >8,000 high school students in The Coding School non-profit's Qubit by Qubit yearlong quantum computing course in 2020.